Another PowWow

This powwow was in Williamson, Georgia.  It was small, but when we found out that this was the very first year for this powwow we decided it was a great turn out.  They will make this an annual event to help with Native Americans with Diabetes.  We arrived just as the ring was being blessed.  It was a beautiful ceremony.  Then, the grass dancers prepared the ring for dancing.  The grand entry was next, honoring all veterans.  There was a special dance for all veterans, a dance for the mothers of our warriors, and a friendship dance where everyone in attendance was encouraged to enter the ring to dance and make new friends.


This powwow was held on the Veteran's Day weekend, and was the most meaningful Veteran's Day celebration that I have ever attended.  Our Native brothers understand what their veterans have sacrificed, and they honor them with true reverence.  There was three WWII veterans leading the Grand Entry.  The Native veterans of WWII were all volunteers.  There was no inscription of the Native Americans, and yet many fought proudly.  All were great warriors and all were heroes.






The flag of the United States of America was flown in an honored place in the ring throughout the celebration.  Also flying were flags representing all of the battles that our veterans have been involved in from WWII through the current Iraqi Freedom, with the POW/MIA flag and the flag of our Law Enforcement Services.

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