The Split

I'm forced to make a choice
And I don't know why that must be.
I have been a part of this family now
For twelve years and its hurting me.

To split is more than one should face.
I know what has happened is not fair.
Yet we never really had a choice,
And those who govern didn't seem to care.

We were a happy family in this house.
This house that God built so pure.
But now divided this house cannot stand.
Against Satan, we are no longer secure.

But God has a way to renew His house,
Though a mystery it seems to be.
Perhaps we were only a short time here
To gather strength for eternity.

We have been in a home with a family of love
That has nurtured and taught us to share.
Though we may be going in separate ways,
Our training has made us prepared.

Now it is time to stretch our wings
As our new mission journeys begin.
Go out and make disciples of the world
And know He is with us to the end.

God has equipped us for what is to come
And will lift us to enter the fray.
Trust Him and carry His banner of truth
As He carries us into a new day.

Tim April 2001