Silver Anniversary


Twenty-five years ago we knew it all.

We were all grown up.

We could handle anything.

We new what we wanted and we went for it.


We weren’t foolish; after all we had a plan.

College was finished,

We had good jobs,

And we could afford a little place to live.


We had asked God to be in our union.

We had thought it all through.

We had talked about our plan.

We had pledge our love to each other.


Twenty-five years ago we knew it all.

We made the plans.

We said our vows.

And, in public, we professed our promise.


Together a new journey began.

Hand in hand.

Faces beamed with love.

Our two lives, in God, became one.


We have a love that is a living thing.

It needs work.

It needs care.

And, like a tree, it continues to grow.


Twenty-five years ago we knew it all.

And through the good,

And through the bad,

My love for you has grown with each new day.


Twenty-five years ago sounds like an eternity.

We knew nothing.

But we knew something.

We knew our love would last forever.


I know the next twenty-five years

Will be as good as the first.


I love you.



June 12, 2001