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I know that it has been a long time coming, but I have finally put together a page for my music.  My cousin is pushing me to get back in the studio and put together my next project.  Maybe it will be available before Christmas 2007.  Anyway, here is the first project entitled FreeStyle.

FreeStyle was the first project to be released.  It is basically a collection of songs that I have been asked to sing a weddings.  I did manage to put a couple of my favorites in there too, but I put this one together to give to people planning their weddings.  It gave them the chance to hear me singing various styles and to maybe let them hear a song that they didn't previously consider.  Freestyle was recorded at "Mitch's Attic" recording studio in Fayetteville, Georgia.  Duet vocals provided by my very good friend Ms. Susan Keen.


My Family                                                    In the studio with Susan


Mitch slaving over the control board.


Final mix -- Why is Mitch scratching his head?            Yeah, that's me just chillin'.  (cool shades!)


The "Zuiderdam SuperStar" contest.  It was fun, but it took too many nights.



Song List  - Click on CD to listen.

1.  I Will Be There       

2.  People Need The Lord        

3.  Only God Could Love You More       

4.  Keeper of the Stars       

5.  I Cross My Heart       

6.  Cherish the Treasure       

7.  If You Could See What I See       

8.  Household of Faith       

9.  Home, Where I Belong       

10.  Feel the Nails       

11.  Broken and Spilled Out       


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