Hunting with Sleeping Wolf

The Saga Continues......

This time it was Mike's turn to go out.  White Owl (Mike) wanted to harvest a small boar for feeding his family.  The boar that he shot was mostly hidden by water.  He thought he was taking a small hog.  He ended up taking a nice trophy pig.  It was a very nice silver Russian Wild Boar.  Although it was larger than White Owl wanted, he said that it tasted just fine.  His family is well provided for this winter.



We spotted this beautiful white goat in the field.  Lucky for him he was not on the shopping list.




White Owl's trophy went about 250 pounds.  He was one mean hog.


This trip was only completed after Sleeping Wolf and I harvested two prize Corsican Rams.  They were both beauties.



This was a great outing.  The next trip comes up in January 2005.  Hunting with Sleeping Wolf will continue then.

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