Hunting with Sleeping Wolf

The Series Continues with Matthew's first hunt (we harvest dall sheep also)

This time it is Talks Too Long's turn to hunt a pig.  Since it is his first time to hunt anything, we started with a good size meat hog.  Later he will go for trophy boar.  But first up on this trip we went for the elusive dall sheep.  This really was a hunt.  The guides took us to a field where the sheep were recently sited, and we looked for sign.  While we were talking we spotted three sheep about 150 yards from us.  The problem was that they spotted us first.  We split up with one guide following the sheep, and gently pushing them forward.  We tried to get ahead of them to wait for our shot.  We sighted them three other times but were not in a position to shoot.  We waited at a good spot but didn't see them.  I decided to double back and see if they had slipped by in the deep woods.  I was able to come up behind them and make the shot.



Talks Too Long had to have his picture made with my trophy.  After the photos, Fog (shows up early) taught Talks Too Long how to prepare the male sheep for field dressing.  This was a hands-on learning experience.


We got lucky with Sleeping Wolf's trophy.  After spending four hours stalking for the first shot, the second shot came after about 45 minutes.  Sleeping Wolf had his trophy, and it was time for Talks Too Long to shoot his wild boar.



Sleeping Wolf and I agree that this was a great hunt, and a great day.

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