Crusin' the Caribbean 2005

The 2005 version of Crusin' the Caribbean included a couple of changes.  This time Tanya and Richard went with us, and Matthew got to go.  We went on Holland America again, and they have "Club Hal" for the kids.  They had special programs and activities for the teenagers on board.  We rarely saw Matthew.  He only came be to tell us how good a time he was having.  Our first stop along the highway was to spend some time touring Daytona USA.




Then an overnight stay along the highway where we had a visitor to our dumpster.  Catch the bus to the seaport, and we are on our way.







The first night at sea, we were outrunning a tropical storm and    were going through 8 to 10 feet seas.  The before dinner picture looks pretty good.  Everyone smiling and having a good time.  Before dinner was over, we had lost five of our group to the rocking waves.  After the storm it was smooth sailing.  First stop, Half Moon Cay, and bone fishing for the guys.



Our guide, Larry, put us on some fish, but we soon learned why they are also called Ghost Fish.  They could see us before we could see them.  They were very hard to catch.



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