Our First Cruise

That's right.  All of these years together, and this is our first time on a cruise ship.  What a great experience it was.  We were treated like royalty, and ate like animals.  We went with some friends, and that made the trip even more enjoyable.  While on the cruise, we saw Mayan ruins, several carribean islands, and traveled over 2000 miles on the water. 




The captain had a reception for all of the passengers, and he introduced us to his staff.



Sandy celebrated a birthday on board.


We took a beach safari into the jungle and made a pit stop along the way.




On Grand Cayman, we visited Hell.....




...and the turtle farm.



We also visited Jamaica.  We brought Matthew a Steel Drum back.  Then on to Half Moon Cay.




There are lots of pictures.  Come by and you can see them all.

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