Mom & Dad go Antiquin'

While Matthew was doing the District Honor Band, mom and dad went antiquing, and visited some neat historic sites.  Here are some pictures starting with Starr's Mill



Starr's Mill did not have a paddle wheel, it turned using a turbine mounted near the lake.  We got there early in the morning, and got a great view of the mist coming off of the water.


Next we headed a little farther south, and visited the oldest standing (and longest) covered bridge in Georgia.  It is still used everyday by locals traveling across the creek.  In the last few pictures you can see how the bridge was built without nails.  The wooden pegs stick through the back of the lattice.  Just for fun there is a picture of a boulder by the side of the highway that we passed.



During the El Nino of of 1994 the whole area flooded.  Inside the bridge is a sign marking the high water mark.  There were people actually paddling canoes through the bridge.




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