To Cheryl On Valentine's Day


I know I'm not romantic
In the wordy kind of way.
I don't always show my love
In the things that I should say.

Words do not do justice
To the joy you gave my life.
I thank my God daily
For the day you became my wife.

You fill my life with happiness,
With joy and laughter too.
Loving you is excitement.
You make each day brand new.

It's hard for me to find the words
To tell you how I feel.
Descriptive words will not suffice
When your love is oh, so real.

To use words to describe this love,
Is something I could never do.
But if I could paint you a picture of love
I know it would look like you.

So, on this special day of the year,
I take a pause to tell you Dear,

I Love You….