The Annual Sleeping Wolf / Laughing Bear Hunting Trip

This really has become an annual event.  It started with just the two of us going out and harvesting some meat for the table, but it has grown from there.  This trip we had a friend from church that won his hunt as a door prize at the church Wild Game Dinner, and we also had three new hunters along with their mom.  There was quite a crowd, but we got everyone in and out safely.  After checking out a future pig hound, we hit the field.  First up is our friend Todd (Walks Quietly) going for a trophy boar.



The brush seemed much thicker than in the past.  The pigs were sticking close to the swamp in the thick brush.  Each time the hounds would get one in bay, Walks Quietly would move in for the shot only to find out that the spot was so thick that you really couldn't see the boar.  The dogs must have thought we were crazy following them around in the mud and water but not shooting.  Walks Quietly is a good hunter, and wanted to be certain of his shot.  Four hours into the hunt he finally caught a break and was able to take the shot.  After four hours of hiking through swamp and brush, Walks Quietly said that it was like no other hunt that he had been on.  He is ready to go again.


The next morning Michelle (Holds the Heart) brought her three boys to help fill their freezer.  The three boys spent Saturday morning taking their harvest.  Josh (Eager to Shoot) was first to shoot. His shot was a beauty.  Then Howard (Finds the Mark) came through with a good two shot kill.  Last up was the youngest brother Nathan (Little Hawk).  Nathan made a beautiful heart shot.  Here they are with their harvest and their big smiles.


We ended Saturday with another marathon through the swamp with Laughing Bear taking a nice trophy, and Holds the Heart taking a massive 280 pound boar.  Her shot was a beauty right between the eyes.



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