The Great Hog Roundup

This was our biggest trip yet.  We actually took 10 people hunting for wild hog, and it was truly an adventure.  Everyone got a hog, and we were terribly worn out when the hunt was over.  Sleeping Wolf set it all up with Laughing Bear taking the back-up responsibilities.  Sleeping Wolf has been having trouble with his shooting hand, and can't fire a rifle.  He is probably going to have surgery after he retires in March.


First Kill, a real nice meat hog for Smiles A Lot.




A great Trophy Hog for Makes Laughter.  This one made the record book by the way.


A tough hunt, but a great shot for Shoots Wrong Hand.

A nice Hog also for Fire In Barrel.


As I finish this page, I realize that I don't have any photos from our previous hunt.  I apologize to Big Chief (Bud) for not having his hog on the web site.  Maybe he will email a photo and I can get him on here.

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