Welcome to Fifty


Thereís something about a half century

That is a special treat.

To reach golden age and still be here

Can be quite a feat.


To go through the days of polio

And the days of Viet Nam.

Yet still be able to wake up each day

Is, as they say, ďda bomb.Ē


We made it through some rough times

And came through with colors that shine.

Remembering those happy days,

Tends to make me pine.


After all, what did we know?

Everyday was filled with fun.

Playing outside and running around

In the rain, or in the sun.


We had no worries.

No stress to ruin our day.

We were only children then

And life meant lots of play.


But now we are fifty

And a half-century has gone by.

It is true what they say

Time really does seem to fly.


Yet those days of fun and frolic

Have not really gone away,

We just have to look at life

In a different kind of way.


Just think of how much fun it is

As for a little walk you go.

While today your whole body

Is hooked up to an electronic gizmo.


Or the joy of an afternoon nap

To rejuvenate your sass.

While the doctor has a movie camera

Stuck way up your rectum.


And people you donít even know

Take time from their day to see

If you are ready to join them

In the AARP.


This is such a lovely time.

As long as you donít have stairs.

A time when have more bills to pay,

Than your head has brown hairs.


But we are going to make it

In this world of middle age.

Because this time we share

Is just another turn of the page.


We will grow old together

And I will thank God everyday.

Because I have you to join me

As I travel along the way.


I thought that you would want to know

As fifty today you will be.

I am fifty too!

It really ainít such a bad age to be.





To Cheryl on her 50th Birthday

August 23, 2004






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